Iced Coffee for Horeca

Gelita Produces 3 Different Instant Mixes for Slushie Preparation

Classico Iced Coffee
Stevia Iced Coffee |  Low Sugar
Light Iced Coffee

You can mix the powdermix (700g) with 3 liters of milk, stir this properly prior to pouring it into the slushie machine.

After about 30 minutes you can serve the iced coffee.

Iced Coffee for Catering

Gelita offers 25 single portion boxes to prepare your own Italian iced coffee at the office, school, get-together, wherever your event is.

Iced Coffee for At Home

Gelita also offers 8 single portion boxes and a 500g / 275g pot to prepare your own Italian iced coffee at home.   


Just pour the content of the bag with cold milk.

Stir until it's smooth and creamy... Add some ice cubes...


And your ice coffee is ready!


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